U.S. Commercial Service

The U.S. Commercial Service is the nation’s premier  export promotion agency. Leveraging their Six Sigma best practice engagement methodology, the International Expansion Blueprint (IEB), they can help you develop and implement a sound export strategy, and find qualified overseas business partners.  

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Engaging with the U.S. Commercial Service

The U. S. Commercial Service (USCS) is part of the International Trade Administration, U. S. Department of Commerce.  USCS has offices throughout the country and in over 120 foreign consulates and embassies. They can help you develop an effective export strategy, operationalize your organization for exporting, and identify and qualify leads for potential buyers, distributors, joint venture partners, and licensees from both private and public sources.

The Commercial Service has two offices for our region in Phoenix, and Tucson. The Phoenix office may be reached at 623-473-6928, and the Tucson office at 520-670-5809.

Request USCS Engagement

On a daily basis, USCS Trade Specialists work with exporters to optimize their export operations.  Here are a few topics they can help you with:

  • Website Globalization
  • International Marketing
  • International Shipping
  • Market Research
  • Finding Contacts
  • Promoting Products in Foreign Markets
  • International Financial Strategies
  • Export Finance Resources
  • Export Documentation
  • Market Access – Tariff/Non-Tariff
  • Foreign Import Requirements
  • Foreign Standards
  • Trade Agreements (WTO, NAFTA, etc.)
  • Foreign Investments
  • Foreign Tariffs/Taxes
  • U.S. Export Regulations

To download a pdf flyer on USCS services click here, or to view a more detailed article about the USCS click here.

The USCS Parent Agency, the International Trade Administration also operates Trade.gov, the nation’s primary export information and promotion website. We are grateful to both USCS and ITA for generously sponsoring Export-U.com over the years.